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Anyone experienced problems with Honda V-6 VCM engines?

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This has come up in a couple forum threads regarding Honda vehicles with the V-6 engine, since Honda starting using the VCM (variable cylinder management) technology in these engines. Affected vehicles include Accord, Odyssey, and Pilot with the V-6 VCM engine. VCM improves gas mileage my shutting down some cylinders at cruising speeds to use less fuel. There is chatter on various websites that suggests that some owners of these vehicles have experienced noise, vibration or shudder, and also engine sludge and abnormal oil consumption. This is apparently due to defects in the VCM system in which these symptoms occur due to the cylinders that kick on and off at certain speeds. All kinds of "fixes" seem to have been applied but unknown if problem has been resolved. I'm a long term Honda guy and have been contemplating purchase of a new Honda or Acura with this V-6 engine, so I'm rather concerned about the issue. So far, I've only seen it mentioned on the internet but I've not heard from anyone personally that they've experienced this problem. Only personal feedback I have is from a relative who has owned a couple Odysseys with that engine and he says he's never noticed anything. He just spent $56K for a new 2014 Acura MDX that has that engine and has about 4,000 miles without noticing anything. Would like to hear from anyone with one of these vehicles whether they've had any problems of this nature. Really want to buy a new Honda or Acura but afraid to move ahead until I have more information on this issue..
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